Why We Love Hemp!

Once appreciated and desired for its durability and comfort, hemp textiles in modern days have been replaced primarily by cotton and synthetic fibers. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Hemp.

Environmentally Sustainable
Unlike cotton, hemp’s vigorous growth characteristic make it possible to harvest without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or excessive water usage. Hemp also restores nutrients to the soil, which are available to the next crop planted in rotation.

Famous for its strength and durability, hemp has been tested to outlast its cotton compatriot by a lifespan of 4 times. The true ‘energizer’ of the textiles.

Hemp actually repels the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold & mildew which is why you will see much less diaper rash on a baby protected by a layer of hemp.

Hemp is more porous than cotton making it breathable and cooler to provide maximum comfort for your baby.

Twice as absorbent as cotton, hemp allows for optimal thirst without the added bulk. Hemp is the solution to those cloth diaper booties we all struggle to find pants for!

Gone are the days of reserving hemp for rope and potato sacks. New, vigorous, and safe processing has brought soft standards of hemp equal that of cotton. In addition, hemp continues to soften with every wash!

By choosing hemp based materials, you can feel good about surrounding your baby with textiles made with his or her future in mind!