How to Add a Listing to the Bargain Basement

Before beginning the tutorial, in order to guide you in creating an actual ad, be sure to open another window with the ad creator page:  Add Listing

1.   Enter the "Title" of your Ad - Be brief but specific.  Looks like:

Title of Ad:

2.  The "Image URL" is optional. 
You are free to borrow any of the images from our site to demonstrate what it is you are selling. The image must be a published website photo and cannot be inserted directly from your computer. Many sellers publish their photos with third party PhotoBucket or Flickr and then copy the URL of the photo and paste it in this box. 

To use our images, right click on the image and click on "Properties". Copy the URL starting with http://. Paste it into the ad creator. If you have a digital camera, I recommend taking a few photos of what you are selling so that when a buyer contacts you for the purchase or for more information, you are able to email photos to your buyer. This is a good idea in order to prevent miss-understandings and a happy trade for both parties.  Everyone prefers to see the actual item they're buying rather than a representation of it.  Looks like:

Image URL:

3. Enter the Website URL from any of our website pages that feature the item your are selling. If it is an item that we don't sell here at Baby Cotton Bottoms, another great place to send your buyers for more information is directly to the manufacturer's website (ex: If you cannot find the manufacturer and we do not sell the item, then you may place a link to a competing retailer who does have the item.  We ask that you please only do this if we do not sell it here, though.  Copy the address from your browser's address bar once you are on the right page and paste in the ad creator.  Looks like:

Website URL:

4.  Enter a valid email address.  This will be the method in which your potential buyers will contact you regarding any questions they have about your items.  Looks like:

Email Address:

5. Choose the Category in which you'd like the ad to be.  Looks like:


6. Choose a Password. Your password is case sensitive and can be any combination of letters and numbers in upper or lowercase print. It will be used in the future if you need to edit or mark the item(s) as be sure to write it down.  Looks like:


7. Add Ad Content. Add the description of you are selling, shipping method & costs, and cost of your item(s).  Be as specific as possible.  

Sellers are free to use any format for their ads, but we encourage all to follow the following guidelines in categorizing the condition of their diapers: 

  • New - Not washed nor worn
  • Like New - Washed
  • Great - Used but still got plenty of uses left
  • Good - Shows some wear
  • Fair - Shows quite a bit of wear

If you have a Paypal account, you may optionally add a Paypal "Buy Now" Button (in html) here.  Sellers who are able to accept Paypal do have the best response from their ads. Click here to calculate shipping costs.  Looks like:

Ad Content:


8. Choose how long you would like for your ad to run.  If you sell before this time is up, be sure to revisit your ad and edit it to mark it as "Sold".  Looks like:

 Display this ad for days.

9.  Check this box if you would like for the ad to appear in the paragraph structure just as you typed it above.  Looks like:

Preserve paragraph structure

10.  Click post entry to post your ad...and that is it!  Looks like:


Note:  This tutorial is for demonstration purposes only.  
To actually post an ad, open the ad creator here:  Add Listing