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We also carry Planet Wise wet/dry bags in large, clutch, and travel, as well as their regular wet bags (small, medium, and large). Give us a call to order. 866-77-CLOTH

Product Details

The newest addition to Planet Wise's PATENT PENDING product line. Seam-sealing technology makes this bag completely waterproof at the seams unlike most other wet bags.  In the shop at Baby Cotton Bottoms, we keep a bag hanging that is half-full of standing water, and even after weeks like this, there is not a bit of moisture on the outside.  AMAZING!

A truly innovative bag that allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag. Each bag contains a "wet" section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy carrying.

Carry all your items in one bag while keeping your dry items dry and your wet or soiled items separate. Truly an all in one bag!

The Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag comes in a convenient 13" x 16" size and holds approximately 8-9 cloth diapers.