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Stay Dry Doublers provide the extra absorbency to be able to carry your baby over to the next changing with no leaks and a dry bottom.  They add a layer of fleece in addition to the 2 layers of microterry in order to draw the wetness away from baby's bum & keep baby comfortable as well as leak-free. 

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These doublers are a great value. Plus, they are very soft and absorbent. I use them in conjunction with a PAD Contour Hemp Doubler, at night. --Kellie 1/09

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These doublers are fantastic for keeping baby's bottom dry.  They helped my daughter's diaper rash immensely.  I even use them in conjunction with biodegradable paper liners and they keep the liner dry as well so her skin is never wet.  - Erika 8/06

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I am really impressed with these doublers that keep baby's bottom dry. In my opinion, a much better option to use inside a cotton diaper to increase absorbency than a Fuzzi Bunz. Same function, much better price. Plus they can be used in all sizes of diapers. A great buy!  - Elisabeth 7/06