How Many Diapers Do I Need?

The number of diapers that will suit your needs depends on 3 factors:
  • The age of your baby
  • How often you wish to do laundry
  • Whether you'll be cloth diapering full-time or part-time
Generally, your baby will start out at birth needing highest frequency of diaper changes. As your baby matures and begins solids, pees and poops will be less frequent necessitating less changes. Fewer changes means you will not need as many on hand. 

Diaper Quantity Chart

The chart below shows the preferred number of diapers you'll need at any age based on full-time cloth diapering. 

Frequency of Laundering

Every 2 days
Every 3 days
0 - 6 mo.
10-12 Diapers
20-24 Diapers
30-36 Diapers
6-12 mo.
8-10 Diapers
16-20 Diapers
24-30 Diapers
12-24+ mo.
6-8 Diapers
12-16 Diapers
18-24 Diapers
Potty Training
2-4 Diapers
4-6 Diapers
6-8 Diapers

How Many Covers Do I Need?

This question also depends on a few factors:
  • How many diapers you'll have on hand in rotation
  • What type of cloth diapers you will be using
Generally speaking, most parents prefer to have on hand 1 diaper cover for every 4-6 diapers. So if you plan to have 24 diapers on hand, you will want to have between 4 and 6 covers.  The covers themselves will not be soiled enough between every use to necessitate laundering after each time. Most parents find they are able to use one cover up to six times before they need to be washed.

The number of covers may also vary depending on the type of cloth diaper you will be using. Diaper covers are not needed for All-In-Ones or for Pocket Diapers. You will only need covers based on the number of flats, prefolds, fitted, or contoured diapers you will be using.