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I am the queen of practical gift-giving. I just love receiving and giving gifts that get great use out of them. That is why I am so excited to offer our Free Gift Registry.

Your loved ones are likely to be pleased by our great prices, friendly service, and our flat rate shipping. And they will most likely be surprised by the great cloth diapering options of today. Registering is a great way to spread the love of cloth!
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Or to create a gift registry, call or come into the store and let us help you! 866-77-CLOTH or 330 S. Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs
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Open An Existing Registry

How it Works
  • Step 1: Log into an existing gift registry. Your registrar may have provided you with instructions to follow including an internet link and password in order to access their registry. If this information is not available, search for the appropriate registry above.

  • Step 2: The registry page of your loved one will show you each of the items on the wish list and will direct you back to each Baby Cotton Bottoms' web page where you will be able to Add to Cart each of the items of the registry. Mark the Size, Color and Quantity according to registry where applicable. The registry page will remain open, as well, which will allow you to go back and view and purchase as many items as you'd like.

  • Step 3: Be sure to revisit the registry page to mark your purchases as bought to avoid duplicate gifts. Click on the "Check off List" for each of the items you have purchased for the registrar. All purchases specifically made by you remain confidential so that your loved one remains surprised.

Start a New Registry

How it Works

  • Step 1:  The gift registry service is absolutely free & confidential. Register your information with by clicking on the "Create New Gift Registry" button near the top of this page.

  • Step 2: Browse through our website and add items to your registry. Click on 'Add to Registry' rather than 'Add to Cart'.
  • Step 3: Once you have added your items to your registry, you will have the option of either inviting gift-givers to your list through email or you can opt to make the list public and which case you will direct them to this webpage within our website to use the search option at the top of this page to find your list according to the name you used when registering.

Edit Existing Registry

Use this option to add, edit, or to Check off listed items. Enter your member name and password for full access to your registrar at the top of this page under Registry Login.