Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner
(diaper pail not included)

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These patent-pending pail liners are an excellent alternative to rinsing out a diaper pail between uses.   Think of it as a reusable garbage bag.  Totally seam-sealed, so put in your wettest diapers, laundry or anything you may need to contain wetness, and this bag will keep the moisture in (condensation may occur when used in a diaper pail - this is normal and will even happen if you use a plastic garbage bag).  Available in a ton of great colors along with a sturdy no pill elastic and matching thread at the seams so no white stripes down the sides at the seams! 

     Baby Blue       Baby Pink           Black            Royal Blue

     Butter                  Navy                 Ocean            Periwinkle

     Purple                  Red                  Sage               White