Cloth Diaper Covers

Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Covers
Two-Sizes, Birth to Potty.  Period.

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A waterproof diaper cover featuring an adjustable rise!  Thirsties® Duo Wraps will rack up your savings as only two different sizes will truly fit from birth all the way to potty learning.  Trim fitting, this is the preferred wrap to cover trifolded prefold cloth diapers.  Also works great as waterproof protection over trim fitted diapers.

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Blueberry Coveralls

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This is an adjustable diaper cover for use with your favorite prefold, flat, or fitted diapers.  It uses a lightweight and waterproof fabric with a laminated interior that can easily be wiped clean/dry and re-used immediately.  Latex-free elastic covered by soft bindings helps prevent irritation for sensitive babies.

Best Bottom One Size Covers

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Best Bottom one-size covers work well with prefolds, fitteds, or their sized snap in inserts.