Cloth Diaper Folding

Micaela's first diaper change took two adults a full 1/2 hour.

I arrived home from the hospital with my first baby. Her cloth diapers were washed, dried, and stacked--all ready to go. They had been that way for weeks since she decided to hang out in mama's belly for a bit longer than her original reservation. I was so excited to get home and tear the hospital disposable off her rear and put her prefold cloth diapers to the test. 

So there she was, naked on her changing table and unknowingly the subject of a new mama experiment. 
After about 15 minutes of attempts with the result being a cloth diaper covering her rear and just about the remaining entirety of her miniature frame, a call and emergency visit from an experienced cloth-diapering-mama saved the day. Below are the true-tested methods she showed me way back when. I suggest you practice a few times before baby's grand entrance. ;o) After your first few tries, you'll be a pro as well!

Basic Angel Wing Fold

This fold can be used with any size of our pre-folded diapers. It provides excellent absorbency and a trim fit. Waterproof diaper covers have replaced the need for pins and rubber pants. They are cool and breathable. Snappis are the newest addition making cloth diapering that much easier. They work like pins, but are much safer. 

1.  Fold a small portion of the diaper up on one end.

2.  Fold the sides of the diaper in on themselves over the center panel to form a pad.

3.  Unfold the sides at the top a bit to form 'wings'.

4.  Place folded diaper pad in center of diaper cover.

5.  Place the diaper cover and absorbent pad under baby.  Bring the front of the cover up between babies legs.

6.  Close around baby and fasten for a perfect fit.  After fastening, check to be sure that all of the diaper is tucked within the waterproof cover to ensure wicking onto babies clothes does not occur.

The Bikini Twist

If your baby has heavy thighs, this fold works wonders. It provides a high cut opening while maintaining superior absorbency. This fold works best with diapers on the large size for your baby or when your baby is on the low end of the size chart for each size of prefold. Below shows a the diaper fastened with pins, but Snappis are by far the simplest and most effective way to secure the diaper in this fold.

1.  Start with a infant, baby, or toddler sized prefold diaper.

2. Flip one end of the diaper completely over forming a twist in the middle.

3.  Place the diaper under baby and bring the front corners (B & C) up through baby's legs.

4.  Wrap the  front corners (B & C) around baby's sides and bring the back corners to the front (A & D).

5.  Fasten  the back corners (A & D) with pins or Snappis the the front of the diaper.

6.  Wrap the diapered baby with a snug waterproof cover.  Be sure that the diaper is entirely encased by the cover.

Flat Diaper Folding

For those true pioneers...using flat diapers consists of a series of folds that form small triangular pads.  We recommend fastening with pins or Snappis when using flat diapers.

1.  Fold square flat diaper in half to form a triangle.  Repeat this fold to form a smaller triangle.  Repeat as many times as needed to form a triangle in a size appropriate for your baby.

2.  Place diaper under baby with the long flat portion of the triangle resting under baby's back.  Bring the diaper up through baby's legs and fasten.  Wrap snugly with a waterproof diaper cover.