About Us

Baby Cotton Bottoms was born out of a love of cloth diapering and babywearing dating back even before the conception of our first daughter, Aurora.  I helped to cloth diaper my sister nearly 30 years ago with flats, pins, and harsh rubber pants, and when I learned what had become of cloth diapers and baby carriers in the last decade or so I was elated!  I came home from work one day over six years ago to tell my husband that our future children were going to use these amazing new things I learned about on the Internet.  My first "fluff" purchase arrived at our house when I was only two months pregnant and I was hooked.  About four months after our daughter was born, my husband, who took sole responsibility of diaper laundry at the time, randomly said to me, “Honey, this is probably one of the best ideas you’ve had.”  And he was the poop washer!  These diapers were soft, cozy, clean, environmentally responsible, and cute, and it just felt good to put such a nice diaper on our cherished little one every time we changed her.  And how many people actually have fun buying or changing disposable diapers?  None, I tell you!

I am so happy to turn my love of happy and healthy baby beginnings into a business where our customers share our values and we meet so many wonderful people and adorable babies.  I take genuine pride in being able help parents make happy choices for their babies.  It comforts my soul to know how many babies are being cherished, and that I am responsible for the tiniest part of that.

We are thrilled to not only offer a convenient 24-7 online store, but we have also opened our doors to welcome local customers to our new brick & mortar warehouse shop here in sunny and beautiful, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We would be very happy to have you drop in and get a hands-on feel for cloth diapering. Please click here for directions and store hours.

We literally have thousands of diapers in all styles and brands that are in-stock at all times ready to ship to you or available for you to peruse in person.  If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.  Or at the very least, we can point you in the direction of one of our fellow respected retailers to get you what you need.

Thank you for visiting.
We truly appreciate each and every one of our customers and
all that you do as the dedicated parents you are!
- Dani, Andrew, Aurora and Lola


Independent Reviews taken from the Diaper Hyena & Diaper Pin

We Are A Top Rated Cloth Diaper Company

" I love Baby Cotton Bottoms!!! The store is great, Dani and Marny are great, the prices are awesome, and its wonderful to touch items before buying and not pay shipping from some online superstore!

-By: Amanda

A great value. An informative and easy to navigate site. Timely and accurate delivery. After deciding to use cloth diapers we were overwhelmed by the cost. At Baby Cotton Bottoms we found natural cotton diapers that were of the highest quality and at a surprisingly affordable price. 
- By: bmfbrewer
AWESOME!!!!!!!Baby Cotton Bottoms is an excellent, five star site!!!! My order was shipped promptly and arrived within a couple days. The flat rate shipping made it all the better. My order was assembled in the package beautifully and very organized. I'm a newbie to cloth diapering and the website is VERY easy to navigate and has tons of info and GREAT product selection. I will definitely be ordering from this company in the future.
- By: miceb4
Love the site, the product and the shipping options - I was recommended to this site by a friend and they were right - it is an awesome site!
- By: chriskan
I have ordered from Baby Cotton Bottoms several times, and every time I am surprised when my order arrives well before it is expected. I have searched the world web over and continually find that Baby Cotton Bottoms has the items, styles, and quality I want for the best buy. I can't say enough good things about this company. I show everyone I know with new babies her products and they are all impressed. Thank you for all the great information you provide on your website as well. That really helped me out with making decisions and coping with my first baby.

- By: Reteach007